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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


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Automated Work Positions of Flight Control Group

Automated work positions (AWP) of flight control group (AWP of Flight Supervisor, AWP of Ground controller, AWP of Approach Controller) are installed in the ATC Tower.

Functions of radar data processing server are usually performed by software-hardware complex of air situation surveillance of Flight Supervisor AWP (this function can also be implemented by Technical AWP).

Each of the AWP consists of two half-sets, functionally representing separate software-hardware complexes, which are controlled by the keyboard and manipulator. At one of them radar data from surveillance radar is displayed (air situation surveillance position), the other one displays data from PAR regarding course and glide path (work position of PAR) or navigational data from short-range navigation system (RSBN) (software-hardware complex of short-range navigation system).

AWPs of flight control group are designed in the form of consoles.


View of Flight Supervisor WP

Typical equipment composition of each AWP included in ATC Tower, is following:

-       Processing unit – 2 units;

-       Color L—D display with high definition – 2 units;

-       Keyboard and ‘mouse’ manipulator;

-       Console of remote monitoring and control (only for AWP of Flight Supervisor, AWP of Ground controller);

-       Turn control of course and glide path antenna systems, manipulator of ‘joystick’ type (only for AWP of Ground controller and AWP of Approach controller);

-       Elements of command operative communication hardware (communication boards), main and additional loudspeakers, open microphone, headsets with microphone and foot switch with push-to-talk);

-       UPS system for each of AWPs. 


Front view


Rear view (with doors removed)

Processing units are mounted in industrial chassis of Advantech type industrial computer including the following:

-       Single-board industrial computer of Advantech type with processor, SVGA, LAN and RAM adapters;

-       SSD-storage device;

-       Four-channelled communication transceiver adapter of HDLC4 type (processor unit of air situation surveillance WP);


X-Radar adapters are installed in hardware-software complexes of PAR and short-range navigation system processing data from GCA surveillance radar (if GCA system is connected to the ATC Tower) and from short-range navigation system.