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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


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Our products:


Mobile height-finder PRV-160MA


Mobile height-finder PRV-160MA is offered as an upgrade to its prototype, PRV-16. Upgrade is performed by means of replacement of obsolete equipment with electronics based on new hardware components, and aimed to increase performance and technical characteristics, and extend operation life of equipment.

PRV-160MA features modern digital technologies of radar signal processing and solid-state components. Installed antenna system is equipped with modern digital motor drive. Orientation of primary surveillance radar antenna and its topographic referencing is performed automatically by means of GPS receiver with two deployed antennas. These engineering solutions have allowed to improve performance characteristics and jamming immunity, electromagnetic compatibility, decrease power consumption of product.

PRV-160MA mobile height finder is intended for measurement of aircraft height according to target designation data received from range finder or automated control system.

PRV-160MA height finder can operate together with following radars: P-180MA, P-190MA, 5N84AMA and others.


Main components of PRV-160MA height finder:

  • Receiving system;
  • Transmission system;
  • Antenna-waveguide device;
  • Drives;
  • Hydraulic system of leveling;
  • Data processing, displaying and output unit;
  • Control, protection and diagnostic system;
  • Power supply system;
  • Temperature control system;
  • Communication hardware.

This separation is relative; some separate devices are involved in operation of few systems.

Equipment and mechanisms of PRV-160MA height finder are installed in the truck KrAZ-63221.

As option, equipment can be installed on 2-PP13 trailer.

Note: Non-upgraded PRV-16 height finders consist of cabin with hardware, power supply station, connection cables set (in containers), spare parts tools and accessories (in boxes and containers), which are transported by separate vehicle.

PRV-160MA cabin has four compartments:

  • Operator compartment, where WP-TSM, power switchboard, ALT (automatic load transfer unit) and COCH is located;
  • Hardware compartment, where transmission-receiving equipment, A500 control rack and waveguide transmission line components are located;
  • Rotary support compartment, where 380/220 V step down transformer, antenna rotary support with rotation drive, waveguide transmission line and leveling system components are located;
  • Diesel compartment, where two diesel generators and diesel compartment power switchboard is located.
  • Antenna frame with tilting and stowing drive and antenna mirror are mounted on the roof of vehicle body.

Air conditioners external blocks and GPS antenna are mounted on the front body wall.

Antenna frame stowing bracket (for travel mode) and second GPS antenna are mounted on the rear body wall.



Before modernization

After modernization

 Operational limits:

-       Height

From 100 to 45000 m

From 100 to 45000 m

-       Elevation

From – 0.5˚ to 30˚

From – 0.5˚ to 30˚

 Detection range for a target with RCS of 2.5 m2 on a site with zero takeoff angle at the altitude of:

-       100 m

35 km

40 km

-       500 m

70 km

80 km

-       1000 m

110 km

120 km

-       from 3000 to 45000 m

170 km

210 km

 Accuracy in 80% of measurements:

-       slant range

1000 m

300 m

-       azimuth


-       altitude

250 m

150 m


-       slant range

1500 m

300 m

-       azimuth

-       elevation



 Altitude detection time for a  single target

10 s

9 s

 Altitude measurement mode






 Time of deployment/stowing  down on site

15 min

15 min

 Start-up time from warmed-up  power units

3.5 min

3.5 min

 Travel speed on paved roads

35 km/h

35 km/h

 Power consumption (350V, 50Hz)

15 kW

10 kW