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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


Contact information

12 Korczak str., 03190 Kiev, Ukraine,
Tel: +380445911575
Fax: +380445911576
E-mail: marketing@aerotechnica.ua;

Our products:


SUR-2000M radio control system

Provides communication of air traffic controllers with aircraft crews.
SUR-2000M provides:
  • radio communications with aircraft crews via local and remote radio stations;
  • monitoring of local and remote radio stations;
  • monitoring of additional frequencies;
  • constant monitoring of emergency frequency;
  • radio communications via radio adjusted to emergency frequency;
  • service communications;
  • visual status indication of radio channels, monitoring channels;
  • automated system monitoring;
  • voice distribution for recording simultaneously with transmission;
  • monitoring of quality of a received voice and indication of recommended radio station to use.
  • radio control console;
  • power and switching unit;
  • headset;
  • cross-connecting field;
  • unified radio remote control adapter;
  • push-to-talk;
  • 6 speakers;
  • cable kit;
  • 2 UPS units.

  • To provide high reliability SUR-2000M can be designed as two subunits: main and backup.
    Technical data:
  • number of controlled transceivers: up to 9, including 1 emergency frequency transmitter (121.5 MHz), 2 local transmitters (main and backup), 6 remote transmitters;
  • number of receivers to monitor: up to 14, including 2 emergency frequency receivers, 2 local receivers (main and backup), 6 remote receivers, 4 receivers of additional channels.
  • start-up time - less than 10 sec.;
  • switching time to backup unit - less than 3 sec.