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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


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System for simulation

Proposed communication system consists of "ground-air-ground" subsystem, ground telephone network subsystem and communication subsystem for simulators.
"Ground-air-ground" subsystem is designed for communication provision with aircraft crews via radio transceivers and transmission of voice via radio beacons.
The following basic functions are implemented in the communication system:
  • radio communication with aircraft through microphone or handset;
  • audio monitoring of operator communications through loud-speakers;
  • visual control of the presence of voice in a selected channel;
  • visual control of linking selected radio channel and audio monitoring channels;
  • online switchover to duplicate system in case of failure;
  • control of one of five transceivers, including remote control through telephone lines;
  • control of radio beacon transceiver;
  • simultaneous audio monitoring of two operator channels and the receiver configured for emergency frequency "121,5";
  • switching up to five operator channels to one audio monitoring channel (one of five channels is selected for audio monitoring).

  • Time for initial start-up less than 30 s;
    System restart time less than 3 s.
    For continuous power supply online uninterrupted power supply units are used with built-in batteries.
    Each duplicated system is switched to different uninterrupted power supply units.
    "Ground-air-ground" subsystem is designed for continuous round-the-clock operation.
    System reliability is characterised by the following parameters:
  • mean time between failure not less than 10 000 hours;
  • mean time to repair not more than 0,5 hours;
  • service life not less than 10 years.

  • "Ground-air-ground" subsystem is fully duplicated to provide required reliability. Each Working Position is equipped with a duplicated "ground-air-ground" unit. To provide data exchange with remote data consumers any communication media may be used: either cable lines (conventional telephone lines, dedicated lines, etc.), radio (HF, UHF), troposcatter communication, satellite channels, etc.
    The purpose of ground telephone communication subsystem is provision of both internal and external telephone communication. The structure of telephone communication subsystem is determined on the basis of Customer requirements and availability of appropriate communication channels. The wide range of communication lines are supported.
    Communication subsystem for simulators provides communication during simulation trainings and other kinds of trainings. Digital communication system is implemented with capability of data logging and subsequent replaying. All data is time-stamped.