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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


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Our products:

Automated systems

Mobile Command Post (MCP)

Mobile Command Post (MCP) is a primary informational component of the Automated System of reception, processing and transmitting of radar data.
MCP is designed to provide automated collection, processing and displaying of data from radar unit radar sensors such as P-19, P-18, PRV-16, ST-68. MCP also provides the capability to receive information from remote radars (P-37, P-14, 5N84 etc.).
The MCP information can be transmitted to the high-leveled Command Posts or can be used to provide radar data to ADM or FA units directly.
The example of Mobile Command Post on the basis of P-19 radar combines:
  • Modernization of your radar by replacement of obsolescent receiving circuits and data processing path;
  • Installation of A1000M Radar Data Extractor, which performs automatic processing of radar data, and provides automatic targets detection and measuring of their co-ordinates;
  • Digital data output, with adjustable formats and protocols, to expandable number of external users;
  • Installation of Automated Working Position capable to process, combine, display and transmit data not only from P-19MA/P-190U radar, but also from additional local and remote radar data sources.
All supplied equipment is installed into the compartment of the existing radar.
As a result, the Customer obtains, on the base of his radar, not only an upgraded radar source, but a mobile, flexible, effective and powerful facility capable to provide all functions of Command Post. The similar Mobile Command Post can be provided on the basis of P-18MA/P-180U radar.
The main advantages:
  • Connection capability of different types of radar data sources - from "old fashioned" analogue radars and altimeters to modern digital radars;
  • Module design principle;
  • Hardware, data processing and facilities unification;
  • Structure flexibility;
  • Easy upgradeability and extendibility according to the Customer requirements;
  • Exception of human factor from the process of target detection and measuring of their coordinates;
  • Cost- and time-effective solution.
Usage of the Mobile Command Post Equipment improves the tactical characteristics of the Radar Company.
MCP provides:
  • Fully automatic targets detection, measuring of their coordinates and altitude;
  • Automatic radar data transmitting to the high leveled Command Posts and (or) ADA and FA companies (through any type of the communication lines - wire and wireless, satellites, etc.);
  • Increasing, in comparison with a human operator, of targets detection range, especially in noise and clutter conditions;
  • Target coordinates accuracy enhancing;
  • False alarm stabilizing for different clutter and noise conditions;
  • Ground and weather clutters suppression;
  • Air target detection in active and passive jamming, under ground and weather clutters;
  • High - speed and flexible automatic data transmitting, adjustable according to the customer requirements.
Technical characteristics:
  • Number of simultaneously tracked and controlled targets (including active jammers) - up to 150 (20);
  • Target initiation and tracking mode - automatic;
  • Interfaced radar types (local and remote sources):
    • analogue P-18, P-19, P-14, 5N84, 5N84A, 44G6, 5N87, P-37, etc.;
    • digital 19G6, 35D6, 22G6, 55G6 and similar;
  • Interfaced radio height-finders: PRV-9, 11, 13, 16, 17;
  • Number of simultaneously connected radar data sources
    • local - 2;
    • height-finders - 2;
    • remote - 2;
  • Data transmitting rate (bps) - 9600;
  • Data exchange protocols with interfaced facilities and command posts - ASTERIX; other protocols - as required by interfaced units.