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October 2018. "Arms and Security - 2018"


December 2015. Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine have visited manufacturing facilities of “Aerotechnica-MLT”.


May-June 2014. Implementation of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) procedures.


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Our products:

Automated systems

ANS air navigation billing system

Automated system "Air-Navigation Charges" (ANC) has been developed to automate the calculations of air navigation charges. System receives, processes and stores information on air traffic, exchanges data with the Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) at Eurocontrol and directly with airlines. On the basis of collected info statistical reports are generated reflecting the structure of air traffic and navigation charges. 
System is based on the "client-server" architecture and supports multi-user environment. Full hardware backup prevents data loss and provides a guaranteed period of data storage of more than 3 years.
Following capabilities are implemented:
AFTN messages processing:
  • Reception and processing of air traffic data from AFTN channels;
  • Support of ICAO and ADEXP formats;
  • Manual correction of erroneous messages;
  • Manual entry of messages;
  • RQP request generation for flights without FPL.

  • Flight lists generation:
  • Automatic generation of wait and performed flight lists;
  • Manual correction of flight lists;
  • Airline flight lists generation.

  • Automatic flight data representation:
  • automatic analysis and display of flight data;
  • event color indication (takeoff, landing, entry/exit points etc.);
  • indication of unknown aircraft type or registration number;
  • indication of flights with aircraft not on the list of airline.

  • Database integrity monitoring:
  • prevention of erroneous or unknown data entry;
  • help context on data entry.

  • Indication of airline debtors:
  • airline debtors record;
  • indication of flights performed by airline debtors.

  • Data analysis:
  • automatic air traffic data analysis for flights with incomplete data or flights with discrepancies between flight and actual data;
  • indication of such flights with capability of data correction or insertion.

  • Information exchange with CRCO Eurocontrol:
  • generation of flight messages of predefined format for subsequent transfer to CRCO via e-mail or over X25 channels;
  • support of formats according to Bilateral Agreements and Doc. 716023, 716028;
  • handling of received flight IDs, COR-Requests and Claims with automatic generation of response messages if necessary.

  • Invoicing airlines under contracts:
  • generation of invoices for air navigation services on the basis of calculated flights;
  • printing or saving of invoices in predefined format;
  • data exchange capability with 1S:Enterprise accounting software.

  • Data storing:
  • data storing capability during predefined period (not less than 3 years);
  • data backup capability to prevent data loss;
  • quick data search in flight lists, generated invoices and flight messages;
  • invoice and message regeneration capability;
  • storing of telegraphic messages, received COR and CLAIM requests correlated with respective flights.

  • Generation of statistical reports:
  • generation of reports reflecting the structure of air traffic and navigation charges, flights take-offs or landings in the area of responsibility, statistics of performed flights for ACC, issued and paid invoices etc.;
  • report saving capability for subsequent processing;
  • report data representation in accordance with customer requirements.

  • Monitoring and logging:
  • logging of operator actions;
  • playback and analysis of logged data.

  • Reference information:
  • airline list including requisites, list of registered and leased aircraft, list of delegated flights and concluded contracts;
  • viewing capability of airlines, aircraft, static and navigational data by the operator.

  • Data import:
  • import of static data (ATC points, routes, sectors) from ARINC-424 format;
  • import of regular flights database.

  • Access restriction:
  • user accounts with rights separation.

  • System expansibility:
  • modular design allows to supplement system capabilities in accordance with customer requirements.